Physical properties of the water

The water comes from 800 - 900 metres deep, where its temperature is 69 degrees.
At the well outflow the water temperature is 41.5 to 43 degrees and in pools from 33 to 37 degrees Celsius. Entire mineralization is 948 milligrams per litre, pH is about 8, thus the thermal water is slightly alkaline.



According to the expert study of the Medical Balneology and Climatology Institute of the Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich) conducted in 1995, the water is iodic, fluoric, hyperthermal and slightly alkaline.
It is suitable for various therapeutic indications.


Chemical composition

KATIONI (mg/l) ANIONI (mg/l)
Ammonium 0,17 Bromide 2
Aluminium   Fluoride 3,5
Calciumj 4,4 Iodide 1,1
Patassium 1,7 Chloride 310
Lithium   Nitrate 0,5
Magnesium 1,7 Nitrite 0
Manganese 0,01 Sulphate 15,1
Sodium 310 Hyd.carb. 288
Total 317,98 Total 620,2



Bathing in thermal water is especially recommended for diseases of joints, ligaments, muscles, bones, lymph diseases, peripheral nerve lesions, metabolic, gynaecological, psychosomatic diseases, etc.


Bathing in thermal water is not recommended in the event of pregnancy, acute infections, open wounds, oncology diseases, epilepsy, severe heart failure, very high blood pressure.