antistresna masaža obraza ali hrbtaPhysiotherapy is a field of medicine that deals with treating injuries, alleviating pain and treating the effects of degenerative and certain other conditions. Our advantage is our thermal water.

At MTC Fontana, we provide physical therapy treatments for degenerative diseases of the locomotor system, treatment for post-injury conditions, and pre-operative, post-operative or delayed post-operative rehabilitation.

Our advantage is that we offer a complex range of therapies, including exercise in thermal water. The type of therapy required is prescribed by a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist or an orthopaedist.

The physiotherapy programmes are aimed at:

  • Patients with acute or chronic diseases of the locomotor system,
  • Post-injury and post-operative treatments of the locomotor system,
  • Treatment of peripheral nervous system disorders,
  • Treatment of blood circulation disorders,
  • The prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.


  • Alleviating pain,
  • Establishing and maintaining a good overall physical fitness,
  • Building muscle mass, mobility and endurance,
  • Relaxation and well-being,
  • Regeneration.


fizioterapije kinezioterapijaKinesiotherapy is an important part of treatment and rehabilitation. The mobility and muscle strength of the affected area are evaluated in stage one of the rehabilitation; then we focus on individual treatment, which includes passive exercises, active exercises, exercising with a CPM knee machine (kinetec), assisted exercises, exercises for proprioception, balance and coordination, walking training.


fizioterapije eletkroterapijaElectrotherapy is used for local pain alleviation in degenerative locomotor system disorders and in rehabilitation after locomotor injuries and surgery. We use TENS machines, ultrasound, diadynamic currents and interference currents.

Magnet therapy

Magnet therapy is a form of treatment that employs magnetic fields. It is based on the principle of electromagnetic waves. Magnet therapy stimulates regeneration mechanisms that improve digestion, stimulate cell renewal and accelerate the healing of wounds and injuries.

Laser therapy

Using electromagnetic waves, in laser therapy a highly intensive ray of light is produced that affects the microcirculation and has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous effect. Laser therapy is used to reduce swelling, treat inflammations and alleviate chronic pain.


Hydrotherapy: water stimulates the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, alleviates pain and detoxifies the body. Water treatment is one of the oldest natural therapy methods; it successfully alleviates or treats rheumatism, arthritis, acute inflammations, digestion disorders and respiratory system conditions.

Thermal Water in MTC Fontana

The thermal water used in MTC Fontana springs from a depth of 800-900 m, where it has a temperature of 69 °C. By the time it reaches the surface, its temperature is 41.5-44 °C; the water in the pools is kept at 33-37 °C. The total mineralisation is 948 mg per litre and the pH value is around 8, which means it is slightly alkaline. Indications: joint, ligament, muscle and bone disorders, circulatory system diseases, peripheral nerve lesions, digestion disorders, gynaecological diseases, psychosomatic conditions, etc.


Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures to cool the tissue. It is used to treat inflammations, swelling and pain in the early stages of recovery after locomotor system surgery. The cryotherapy treatments we use include ice massage, soaking the injured body part in cold and ice baths, and applying ice compresses, ice packs and cooling sprays.


Thermal therapy

Thermal therapy is the use of high temperatures to warm the affected body part. We use thermal packs (gel pads are heated and applied to the affected areas) and infrared lights. Thermal therapy warms the body and relaxes the muscles, which is an effective way to alleviate pain and improve the blood circulation.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is used to treat soft tissue injuries, improve circulation, increase mobility and alleviate pain.

Manual lymphatic drainage

The Dr. Vodder method of manual lymphatic drainage is a manual massage technique used to eliminate waste and fluid from the tissue; at the same time, transverse and longitudinal stretching of the skin stimulates the functioning of the lymphatic vessels.


Neuromuscular taping alleviates pain and stimulates lymphatic circulation. It is based on self-treatment principles. In neuromuscular taping, we use special elastic tapes that contain no medication or chemical substances.